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Ali Astrid Moto
Transforming Your Life from THREAT to Thrive!

"Us humans got it all wrong, we've thought success was us achieving. When we are functioning as regulated beings we realize, Success is Connection!

Connection to ourselves, the world around us, and to others.

When we connect to our True Nature, holistically, embodied

we go from Threat to Thrive!"

- Ali Astrid Moto

What We Do

" I want you to feel a return to your WHOLE self; A bodymind approach for greater understanding and healing.

Getting you to a regulated state is our goal. I'll use proven methods to get you out of dysregulation, so you can claim your resilience again!"


One on one sessions are a wonderful way to get our neural pathways changed in a compassionate and safe setting.

Learn more about EMDR therapy here

Intensive 2 -3 Day EMDR

If you are wanting to dig deep quickly and don't have time for weekly sessions, this kind of therapy is for you.

Couples & Families

Learn ways to navigate our precious relationships.   Relationships are places to grow  when we feel we are seen and heard in them, and supported when vulnerable.

EMDR Yoga & Somatic Regulation 6 Week Series

In a safe, therapeutic atmosphere we'll reprocess dysregulation from trauma/threats that are keeping you stuck.

Ali Moto LMSW/EMDR/DMT in Boise ID


I struggled with "worthlessness" and "unlovable" my entire life due to my childhood and it's trauma. Thanks to EMDR therapy and Somatic/Holistic Therapy, I'm now able to stand in my worth, and my ability to hold space for others through their healing  journey. I'll spare you the boring story about my education and accolades, what really matters to me is that I am skilled and have the empathy to guide you on your journey to your true nature, so you feel free and your true self, perhaps for the first time.


Adverse Childhood Experiences are experiences before the age of 18 that affect how we see ourselves and the world, creating maladaptive beliefs and behaviors


EMDR therapy is a treatment designed to change neuropathways in the brain from threat responses causing anxiety and depression, to calm optimal, allowing for resilience and regulation/homeostasis


Trauma doesn't have to mean "traumatic." Trauma to our brain is anything that at the moment can't be processed that causes a threat response.

"We are not our childhood, or our adverse experiences.
We are not our trauma. We are so much more then we often perceive. We are resilient beings, just needing to get back to who we really are,
our true nature.
- Ali Astrid Moto


The Ability of the Brain to Reorganize Itself Both in Structure and How it Functions

Neuroplasticity is all about the brain’s remarkable ability to change. In EMDR therapy, we tap into those natural, already embedded resources to better experience and manage distressing emotions and the effects of trauma. In essence, we empower each person to take action in their recovery. After all, if the brain can be changed, then so can our lives.

Changes in the brain
Schedule a consultation to
transform your life today

"My husband and I were at a crossroads in our marriage. We fortunately connected with Ali and she was a life saver. We never felt judged and she was easy to talk to. She helped us both get back on track and reconnect, in a short amount of time, which we desperately needed."

- R. & M.

"As a person that has dealt with depression, anxiety, and BED, I have worked with numerous mental health care providers. I found Ali!
Her guidance and counseling using EMDR have been (and I'm not being hyperbolic) truly life-changing."

- M.O.

"I cannot say enough amazing things about Ali; there are simply no words to adequately do her justice. "Counseling" can be awkward and stigmatizing and (insert all the feels here) - but not "counseling" or EMDR with Ali. I love my sessions with her and genuinely look forward to them."

- M. A.

What Clients are Saying_

Yes, I take insurance

  • Blue Cross

  • Aetna

  • Select Health

  • Bright Path - includes Select Health, Pacific Source and more plus

                  some St. Luke's insurances.

                  Insurance rate is $200 plus $35 for specialty treatment (EMDR)

**It will be your responsibility to check your insurance for deductibles,

co-pays, and whether I'm in Network with your provider

Self-pay rate $145 per session, unless another amount is discussed

I give a discount for cash self-pay

*You will be charged the full session amount for No Shows 

and $75 for a Late Cancel that is not due to illness.

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