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"Your A.C.E.s don't define you, they are a guide post for healing."

-Ali Astrid Moto

Adverse Childhood Experiences

I struggled with "worthlessness" and "unlovable" my entire life due to my childhood and it's trauma. Thanks to EMDR and Brain Transforming Therapy I'm now able to stand in my worth, and my ability to hold space for others through their healing  journey. I'll spare you the boring story about my education and accolades. What really matters to me is that I be skilled in my ability, to change your neural pathways thus, you feeling free and your true self, perhaps for the first time.

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Within us all is resilience, the ability to cope, adapt and thrive despite negative circumstances. You are resilient because you made it here, now. Together we will explore this aspect of you, and strengthen your ability to thrive.

3 Types of ACES

There are three categories for Childhood Adverse Experiences. Abuse, Neglect and Household Dysfunction. Each category is equal in adversity, They are not ranked, just a way to clarify experience. You can have experiences in all three or in just one but, that doesn't mean it's less of an experience. Your experience is valid and unique to you.

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What is Your ACES Number?

Are you curious about your ACES number? Remember this is not a label to identify with, it is merely a guide post on the road of healing and reprocessing how your brain is taking in information. By knowing your ACES we can target your threat responses and diminish triggers. Take the ACES quiz

You are Not Alone

Childhood adversity is diverse. It knows no boundaries. It isn't exempt due to money, or a two parents household. It doesn't distinguish between households with college degrees or those without. It sees no skin colors but, does have higher numbers in minority experiences. In fact, minorities are in the "Pair of ACES" category. You are not alone if you have ACES. I haven't met anyone yet who didn't have one. There are people in your everyday dealing with similar hurts and responses.

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