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My Perspective

I believe my empathy and own healing inspires my ability to be a great therapist. It influences my sense of humor, my intense sincerity, and  profound insight. It's been quite a road full of stories that may one day fill a novel. You can learn more about me on my BLOG page.

When you're in a session I'll share some of my story with you.
​I'm not the kind of therapist to never cuss, I always hug if you want, and I'll tell it to you straight every time.

I'm the person I wish I would have had through my healing  journey. As long as you're willing to be vulnerable and brave, both essential for true connection, to the best of your ability, I'll hold you safe and stand up for you through this beautiful, life altering, journey to freedom.

From my heart to yours,

Ali Astrid Moto

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"It's beautiful you are here!
  I'll be your guide on this amazing journey

to who you really are."

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