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What is Trauma?

Trauma, doesn't have to mean "traumatic." Trauma to our brains is anything that at the moment is perceived as a threat. It is interpreted by the brain as a "thing to survive." This can cause neural pathways that are maladaptive/ threat responses in our system. This effects how we cope, our ability to cope and overwhelm to our system. This causes what we come to associate with anxiety (and other symptoms) and over time  can cause depression or system overwhelm.

Maladaptive Neural Pathways & Survival Value

Our brains are hardwired for survival. In fact most of our brain functions are for survival.

We are a vulnerable species, so we have needed to have automatic survival systems online. And, if we had to think about these functions, it would be exhausting. Could you imagine thinking about breathing? Our fight, flight, or flop system is automatic too. All the information coming into our brain goes through these survival filters first, for good reason. If "survival" is triggered a cascade of action will begin to protect us. This is called a threat response. The problem with this filter system is that a maladaptive belief can trigger this threat response too. Thus having us react in a way that is actually contra to a solution or bringing the system, us back to calm and homeostasis. This process induces feelings and thoughts of, "Something is wrong with me." "What is wrong with you," causing emotional pain. This whole process is intended to get you to DO SOMETHING! This can cause emotional pain and physical pain, so that you will do something about the trigger. But, we don't always understand what the maladaptive belief triggered is, nor do we know how to alleviate the pain.

What are maladaptive beliefs you are probably asking? They are beliefs we made up based on our experiences in any given moment. They have tremendous survival value and to insure survival, they have emotional strength  as well. So, anytime these are "pressed on" or triggered we're going to have a threat response in our system. That is trauma.

We also have adaptive beliefs which give us a sense of contentment, satisfaction, and restore. I'll show you how to reinforce these to support and strengthen your reprocessing.

I hope this is helpful to understand what has been causing you pain and that we can diminish these threat responses thanks to this support neuroplasticity therapy. I'm here to guide you every step of the way through freeing yourself from pain and trauma.

You will be feeling free and restored sooner than you thought possible.

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Our Brain Processes from the Bottom Up
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