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Choose Your Alchemy

I offer several ways for shifting you from threat to thrive. Together we will come up with the best healing choice for you. Ultimately, this is your journey, I'm your guide.

Your body knows the way to healing.

The choice is yours in how you want to approach your journey. How we show up for ourselves is directly connected with our healing.

One on One Therapy

One on one sessions are a wonderful way to get our neural pathways changed in a compassionate and safe setting. We would meet once a week or every other week for a focused, processing session. I'll guide you through this process in a manner that is tailored just for you and your needs.

We are in this together. I'll be beside you every step of the way. If you've been in therapy before this will be a very different experience. Reprocessing with EMDR does not require you to dredge up the worst of your past and discuss them in detail or at length. In fact, I'll ask that we not do that but, instead process the sensations and feelings that are attached to the experiences.

I'll teach you about how your brain is functioning and much more, as we start the journey to freeing you from your maladaptive thought patterns, beliefs and neural pathways.

It's a beautiful journey, and you are worth it.

"I see and hear you" - Ali
Intensive 2 -3 Day EMDR

This kind of therapy is for those who want to condense sessions into two or three days. We'll meet two or three days in a row for up to 6 hours at a time. This is for those needing to travel long distances for therapy, or for those who just want to "get it done."

If you are wanting to dig deep quickly and don't have time for weekly sessions, this kind of therapy is for you.

EMDR Yoga & Polyvagal Regulation 6 Week Series

Since Ancient times we have come together in groups to commune. We're hard wired for joining together in ceremony, celebration, grief and healing. Having support while transforming our pain and hurts is a transformative process. Group sessions reinforce that we are not ever alone, we all go through experiences that cause trauma (what the brain can't process in the moment).  A supportive healing experience provides empathy for ourselves and for others allowing greater compassion for our community. I believe this type of unification is needed to heal us all.


With the use of Polyvagal breathing and EMDR  together in a safe, therapeutic atmosphere we'll process symptoms of trauma that are keeping you stuck. Allowing you to feel free and at peace in your life for the first time or once again.

Whether you are on a wait-list for 1 on 1 therapy, or just need more support on your therapeutic journey, you'll feel supported and connected in this series guided by your expert therapist. You may take the series as many times as you like.

Class fills up fast! Contact Ali to register

"The capacity to connect and have compassion is at the core of success of humankind.

Relational glue keeps our species alive, and our connection is that glue."

- Dr. Bruce Perry

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